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Want to invest in a company that trades e-currencies and cryptocurrencies on one of the most growing market of the world? Want to make money with a company that provides services for which there is a high demand? You are in the right place. Start making money online right now with AfriExchanger.

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  • Return 5.15%
  • Every Week
  • For 52 Week
  • Total 267.8%
$2000 - $5000
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  • Return 5.15%
  • Every Week
  • For 52 Week
  • Total 267.8%
$500 - $1999
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  • Return 5.12%
  • Every Week
  • For 52 Week
  • Total 266.24%
$200 - $499
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  • Return 5.10%
  • Every Week
  • For 52 Week
  • Total 265.2%
$50 - $199
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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding our platform. If you have a query that is not answered here, Please contact us.

No. Admin must check before to validate.

Yes, from Monday to Sunday. Our system is configured to take into account the 168 hours of the week.

Yes. We recommend you to post your proof of payment on our page on SQMonitor here:

You can withdraw the full amount you have on your account. The minimum is 2$. In the event of a drop in activity, we can TEMPORARILY limit withdrawals.

Our Company is facing a strong demand for electronic currencies in the African markets that we cover via our e-currency and cryptocurrency website: AFRIEXCHANGER.COM. So, we need to increase our funds.

You can make deposits and withdrawals via Perfect Money, USDT TRC20 and Payeer.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Yes. But if the total amount of your deposits for your running investments is under 5000$ which is the maximum amount we accept from an investor.

Yes, we do offer Sponsor commission. Your will get 3% of all deposits made by your referrals. There no limit about the number of referral you can get and no limit on how much you can earn.

Currently, there is no withdrawal fees.

No fees for Perfect Money and Payeer. USDT: Only 0.1$.

No, Not mandatory.

No. And if we detect that you have more than one account, your accounts will be temporarily suspended and your funds frozen for 1 month at least.

The minimum amount is 2$.

Your deposit or investment will remain pending until you have published your last proof of payment on SQMonitor.

You will be able to withdraw your funds even if you have not posted proof that your previous withdrawal request has been paid.

New banners will be available soon. Once ready, we will update you.

Deposits are generally validated within 12 hours, everyday of the week. If after 12 hours your deposit is still pending, then contact the Admin.

Withdrawals requests are paid Wednesday to Friday. If your account indicated is correct, your withdrawal will be paid. If your withdrawal is not paid on time, contact the Admin to know the reason before reporting a non-payment.

Yes. Here is the Telegram group link: and telegram channel link:

Recent transactions log Deposits and Withdrawals

Our system displays instantly the incoming and outgoing transactions.

Name Date Amount Gateway
Hermione FALADE 2023-04-13 $ 159 PERFECT MONEY (PM)
Suzanne Tougouma 2023-01-17 $ 500 USDT TRC20
Max Claver 2023-01-07 $ 926 USDT TRC20
Marcellin Millogo 2022-11-17 $ 144.92 PAYEER (PR)
Jeff Goldpoll 2022-11-01 $ 100 PERFECT MONEY (PM)
Sylvain IBA 2022-10-18 $ 60 USDT TRC20
sqmonitor sqmonitor 2022-10-11 $ 50 PERFECT MONEY (PM)
Agnes N'guessan 2022-10-04 $ 50 PERFECT MONEY (PM)
Achille Ayara 2022-10-03 $ 500 PERFECT MONEY (PM)
Name Date Amount Method
sqmonitor sqmonitor 2023-05-18 $ 2.55 USDT TRC20
sqmonitor sqmonitor 2023-05-11 $ 2.55 USDT TRC20
sqmonitor sqmonitor 2023-05-04 $ 2.55 USDT TRC20
sqmonitor sqmonitor 2023-05-03 $ 5.1 USDT TRC20
sqmonitor sqmonitor 2023-04-29 $ 2.55 USDT TRC20
Marcellin Millogo 2023-04-27 $ 7 PAYEER
Marcellin Millogo 2023-04-25 $ 14.78 PAYEER
sqmonitor sqmonitor 2023-04-11 $ 2.55 PERFECT MONEY
Marcellin Millogo 2023-04-06 $ 7.39 PAYEER
sqmonitor sqmonitor 2023-04-04 $ 2.55 PERFECT MONEY

List of our Top Investors

Here are the investors who have made the maximum investment with us:

Investment - $10350.00
Investment - $6344.22
Investment - $4450.00
Investment - $3698.69
Investment - $1768.63
Investment - $1431.66

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